Pharrell  Williams born April 5, 1973(5' 9"). He grow up in Virginia beach.
Justin was born on January 31 1981, Memphis , Tewnnessee, USA.
4Omarion was born on November 12 ,1984 in, Inglewood,California ,USA 3da best wrestler(and fine!!) 2
Chris was born on May 5 1989 in Tappahannock, Virginia, USA. height:6' 1"
3Bow wow was born March 9 1987 in Columbus , Ohio. 4Nelly was born on November 2, 1974 in Austin ,Texas ,USA. 2Beyonce was born on September 4 1981 in Houston , Texas, USA. 5Usher was born on October 14 in Dallas, Texas, USA. He began singing at age six. 1Alicia Augello-Cook was born on Janary 25, 1980.(nicknamed "Lellow").height 5' 5"She started taking piano lessons at age seven at her morther's insistence.In 1998 she signed with Arista Records and wrote, produced and record